How to shop name

although many people have begun to put their hearts into the shop named above, however, the shop name can not be a simple thing, naturally also need managers to invest more energy. In short, the quality of a store operation, in addition to the level of service and the quality of goods, the most important is also related to the quality of the shop name. Whether it is the name or the name of the shop, have their attention. How to get a good shop name? The following Xiaobian to share with you: how to shop named. I hope to help you shop for a good name.

first: worthy of the name.

shop named way to reflect the characteristics of the experience, or reflect the good quality of the store goods, to allow consumers to purchase desire. For example: "Tongrentang", "Tong" is the traditional Chinese medicine store identification mark, people see what "Hall" name, that is to sell traditional Chinese medicine.

second: different.

the name of the shop to be able to attract the attention of consumers, and can attract the desire of consumers. For example: "Goubuli" and "big three" like the name, can let consumers have the curiosity, the initiative to come to understand.

third: simple and clear.

in the name of the store can not be too complicated. Have seen some shops like to use traditional Chinese characters, especially in the majority of the Guangdong area, the traditional Chinese characters in daily life, we do not know much, not many customers can not identify the store is doing. So the store name should be concise, clear, easy to spread.

shows that the shop name is not easy, if you want to do a good job, but also need to meet more aspects, need to be treated with caution in every detail. In addition to sum up, the related professionals also said, whether it is the name of the person or the name of the store, and should have the character numerology five elements Xiji line consistency, specifically refer to "Xu Shi San for life science", for example: it belongs to the "Yin earth life phase", is like fire, soil character numerology, can choose five elements of fire or earth as life shops.

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