China’s online education platform is not a good time to get involved in the end

The development of

education industry is advancing at an unprecedented speed. In recent days, the online education sector can be described as waves. First, the operation of the 15 months of the chalk network announced the closure, after the launch of the two business ladder Gong Haiyan officially launched.

the domestic education market, there are a lot of walking platform education enterprises, including C2C mode B2C mode multi Bay networks, Shanghai River school, 91 teachers, B2B2C mode, YY sky education, pass class network, C2C+O2O model the ninth classroom, online class B2C+O2O mode and Jun School of business.

mode although many, but in these platforms, can really achieve profitability is still a minority, most are still in the exploratory stage. Compared with several models, B2C platform model is most likely to have a breakthrough in the premise of ensuring the quality and quality of the B end of the premise, the latter will be relatively easy to accumulate users.

if startups do choose platform route selection into more segments of the field is a good choice. Such as Bay networks, transmission network class from the occupation needs of the starting winning network from study entry. On such small play, one is to follow, two is can avoid the giant edge.

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