What is the use of price tag

Many people believe that

should have such goods while shopping experience, looking good, but there is no price tag, want to know the price also need to ask the owner. Moreover, the owner may also be due to the different levels of customer familiarity and give different prices. So, if you do retail business, but also need to pay attention to the price tag. So, what is the use of price tag? Let’s meet.

consumer: Zhang Ling

Occupation: salesman

I am a salesperson, but also an ordinary consumer, the role of the price tag has a personal experience.

generally speaking, customers in the purchase of goods will be used to see the price tag. Price tag for customers to play the role of a shopping guide. Each customer’s economic conditions are different, can withstand the price is different, the price tag on the price information to reduce the customer asked to ask the inconvenience. In addition, the commodity price tag above the price of the name of the member, the report calls, stamped with the price of the core of the special chapter, which will allow consumers to feel the quality of goods is reliable, reasonable price.

usually shopping, I pay more attention to the price tag. I found that the large shopping malls, large supermarket price tag generally maintain better, some small shops due to poor management, the price risk of breakage, misplaced sign is relatively high, individual shops did not even price tag. As a consumer, I feel that the use of price tag stores is more reliable than the ones that do not use price tags. Businesses should pay attention to the use and maintenance of price tag.

consumer: Wang Xiaobin

Occupation: hotel manager

The price tag is not essential for

. Cigarettes as a special commodity, can not be advertised everywhere, therefore, it is difficult for consumers to learn more about cigarettes. Put in the cigarette beside a picture of the price tags for our consumers, is a name card. We through the price tag on the content, can be very intuitive, very quickly understand the name, origin, specifications, retail prices and other information. A clean, well written price tag can help us quickly and easily buy the cigarettes we want.

retail customers: Ni Weihua

shop name: Dongtai shinetrade Co. Ltd.

price tag plays a role in guiding consumption. Although the price tag on only a few numbers, has made the simple introduction of goods. Customers browse the goods in front of the counter, but also in contact with the relevant commodity information. Although the post, maintenance price tag work relatively cumbersome, but long-term adherence to form >

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