Students opened car selling snacks won praise

college students entrepreneurship cases abound, including success and failure. In general, the college students entrepreneurial team is more passionate, can bring more imagination can not venture. Here is a business story. Four young people opened a car selling snacks, good business, won praise.

every night, there is a cool white car will ring road, the car stopped, the 4 young people on the car began to prepare a variety of ingredients, not for a while, a cup of tea and snacks fresh baked, the original, this is a flow of delicacy car. In four, Wang Juan was the only woman in Yichang, she told reporters, 4 of them are several universities of Shanghai college graduates, the car shop snacks is their entrepreneurial projects.

Wang Juan said that she and the other three partners, all have a dream and aggressive young people, in order to follow a path out of the ordinary business, they decided to create a fashion mobile snack shop.

special snack bar, attracting the attention of many passers-by, in the night, many people stay in front of the car, buy a cup of hot tea or snacks, at present, the car daily turnover in more than 2000 yuan.

Wang Juan said that the flow of the snack bar not only pocketed the eye, but the parking management fees are far lower than the facade renovation and rental fees for them out of school early, the money does not well-off students, is also a good choice.

said the car, people always and tall on the scene together. But four young people have to start a family car snack business. Although there is only one car, but a few young people have a big dream. They said, hope that through their own efforts, the future in national each big city can see their chain of car and flow shop.

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