Tilt the display can create a better effect

There are many kinds of methods,

display of products in general, shopkeepers are taken to display rules, although the store looks in order, but not what attraction. But if the tilt display, but the effect of many people surprised, really is very good, but also popular oh.

My colleague

has worked for ten years because the account manager position. He and the retail customers in the long-term exchanges, summed up a good way to tilt the display, and now share with you.

different retail customers counter, the number of cigarettes is also different specifications, how to make cigarette display up? Mouser came up with a good idea, yellow ruler, glass, smoke, smoke mold, rubber bandscoilsprings, glass glue and other items together. First of all, the first layer of the cigarette cabinet tilted to about 25 degrees, fixed on both sides.

Secondly, according to the

, the counter the size of the area, with several of the same thickness of glass or aluminum were fixed; finally, the use of tobacco smoke on the display, the overall display effect is significantly improved, so that customers at a glance. It is worth mentioning that the tilt display many advantages: good visual effect, easy to pick up, the price tag is not easy to fall off and retail customers can flexibly adjust.

in the decision to take such a display, the owner did not expect that there will be such obvious benefits, by the trust of more consumers, but the results are significant. Therefore, if you are also a retail owner, you will also take such a tilt display it?

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