Ten brand list waist stool

because the baby in our country’s attention, so that our baby supplies market is more and more broad, the product is more and more rich. In short, every parents want to give the baby the best things, use baby straps and waist stool is not for example. But the face of the market level is not poor baby straps and waist stool to choose the brand, what brand is best? Xiaobian to introduce ten brands list waist stool, and these brands basically represent the waist stool industry top grade, worth everyone to buy and use.

ten brand list waist stool NO.1: Mommy YANNY

baby products brand, founded in 2008, the mummy YANNY maternal and child supplies its humanization, professional attitude to the main R & D and production of baby holding waist stool, toddler, anti lost belt, mummy bag and other products, products are exported to Europe and the United States, baby saving, good safety. Backrest with mesh design, breathable, four seasons, with zipper pull head, large insert buckle, silica gel mat. Favored by the majority of mothers.

ten brand list waist stool NO.2: three infant waist stool

is very welcomed by the users, the appearance of fashion, exquisite packaging materials; soft and comfortable, the baby sitting is not easy to heat and long prickly heat. Baby is very light to go out. Three baby waist all used stool materials are first-class materials, such as buckle design for high strength, flexible, especially to rupture at low temperature. The belt felt exports to South Korea to ensure high quality blankets, used repeatedly has good adhesion; using high-quality nylon zipper, ensure that repeated use does not appear to wear; use the waist stool in the sponge material, all pure material sponge, without any whitening agent and talcum powder, environmental protection and water washing is not easy deformation, different inferior sponge is easy to break and deformation.

ten brand list waist stool NO.3: bear

got the reputation of "hug bear waist waist stool", leader of high quality material from the design process of South Korea and selected Germany, Italy and other countries, make the texture and taste never absent. The latest products "portable" series developed by the Korean design team holds young attitude, the use of a large number of artificial polymer formed by the combination of Korean flower Yao fabric, texture light, like a deep hug feather light without the burden. Creative design movement of the wind to just perfect fashion sense, wandering in the delicate and playful, between the gorgeous and minimalist, elegant and casual feeling, declared to the world a light luxury fashion and comfortable attitude.

ten brand list waist stool NO.4: good boy multifunctional strap

good children multifunctional strap attention to detail design, head protection, backplane humanization, according to ergonomics, fusion of fashion elements, rigorous design, excellent workmanship strict in demands make your baby more comfortable, more assured, mom >

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