Hot pot to join the project Kiumi how Hot pot rice cake

New Year approaching, you want to enter the catering industry, is now a good time to grasp, choose a good Hot pot at the end of the project, hard to make him a pen, small as you recommend the most suitable new business Hot pot to join the brand kiumi

Hot pot rice cake

shop facade designed to cater to the Korean elements of the moment has swept the world, in the fashion cute pink background "kiumi" and Kawai font store design, not only the impact of the customer’s visual experience, is a preliminary knowledge of our products for sale.

from South Korea and combined with Chinese recipe, consumer tastes is improved, use pepper, cinnamon and clove dozens of flavors, elaborate collocation, modulation of various flavors of sauce, marinade and soup, delicious and healthy!

fresh vegetables, rich in elastic fish cake, delicious egg and different taste rice cake and Xin Chi heart Hand-Pulled Noodle, joined with the traditional Korean chili sauce marinated Korean Hot pot bottom material and soup, the formation of a strong exotic Korean traditional snacks, let customers taste delicious!

kiumi policy:

joined Hot pot rice cake

includes store location, facilities installation, shop assistants, etc., the headquarters provides a step by step support. Fine "kiumi technical training manual" Hot pot rice cake products, professional teachers teach, 7 days to become "amazing god! Senior designers according to the situation, to provide decoration design, home construction can be directly. Professional teachers to explain all the preparatory work before the start, do not detour, early start early to make money.

headquarters continues to carry out technology, new product development, free of charge, business continued fiery. Throughout the refrigerated logistics distribution system to ensure the car shops taste consistent from beginning to end. Throughout the country’s after-sales service system, ad hoc national after-sales service calls to ensure that investors have improved operating capacity. Headquarters to provide national advertising support, media coverage of television, Internet, newspapers, magazines, radio, etc..

want to catch up before the Chinese New Year crazy suction gold quickly joined the kiumi Hot pot rice cake. If you want to join us, please leave a message below our website.

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