60 thousand start 6 years to earn 60 million and 13 clothing business opportunities

believe that many people are the first pot of gold from the clothing business started to dig. I believe we have heard such a word, the best money for women and children. Taobao online trading volume continued to stop the first women’s and children’s clothing, is proof of this sentence. It can be seen that the clothing business is doing well, but also has a big ‘money’.

the author in 2001 before and after the entry, had never been exposed to the garment industry. A small clothing store started only 60 thousand yuan, after operating for more than 6 years to achieve assets of at least $6 million. Created with 13 yuan of clothes, earned a $6 million myth, in which to share their writing under the clothing store business Raiders, for the reference of the industry latecomers.


to earn 6 million yuan of assets is only because 13 yuan purchase price so low cost? If you guess so completely mistaken. I shop, not only do 2000 yuan in high-end clothing, also sell cheap goods. This is the location decision, clothing shop must get together, do not open a separate store, if you insist on keeping empty can run out money managers. So the next about the grade of the stores to sell clothes, you want to shine with. At the same time, if the flow of people, it depends on the amount of walking. If the flow is less, to sell your goods. The reason is very simple, to sell 100 yuan a shirt, a profit of only $90 to make money, slow to make money in. Sell 1000 yuan a piece of clothing, the profit of 30% is $300!

models, or

are important?

find sources, many boss make wrong effort, they often have a similar "supplier is good, but they are not the most beautiful" problems. Shopping like to take the goods, so that these owners only care about style, purchase price, take the East Manasseh only feel good vision, but do not pay attention to find a strong strategic partner. My advice to these peers is: try to fix two suppliers. If the world full of goods, no one will take care of you. On the contrary, the concentration of two take, cooked is a big guest". Not for some time did not get the goods, the old money on the market back to the store.

I, focus on the purchase, can get no chance to see the stranger general version, a good relationship with the salesperson of supplier, what good sell money will not miss. And then cooked, started back for a change. Good version to keep up with the bad version of the idea of change, not to say less pressure, is tantamount to save themselves a lot of trouble. I still require suppliers to release over telephone, computer goods, dispense with the "throw in the money on money". Ripe wholesalers often give me credit, to store liquidity greatly increased. Can I leave early because of change, to the end of the year is usually not what cargo pressure. A stable source of benefits beyond count.


in the industry, people everywhere: goods. High fashion labor available, may be people elsewhere to buy, for its own brand to spread the goods. So do not be afraid of hard work, see the sewing machine, only to consider long-term cooperation, is selected >

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