Zhou Hongwei’s wealth is earned by hard work and time

Zhou Hongwei told us that entrepreneurship is not just rely on an idea, can do some stragglers and disbanded soldiers so simple, need more time to time and precipitation, sooner or later business, as long as you have the patience and perseverance, all difficulties are no longer difficult, all ideas have the possibility of success!

360 special machine hasn’t appeared, Zhou Hongyi has been through the micro-blog fiery, Zhou Hongyi to spearhead the most fashionable millet mobile phone at the domestic mobile phone, again offend have a good reputation and influence in the Internet community of Lei Jun, two people in the micro-blog pinch.

In the past Chinese hard

Although the

"anti-virus companies are looking to have listed on the gem, when Chinese richest man, this dream was I broke." Zhou Hongyi quipped.

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