The entrepreneurial success analysis three tricks

entrepreneurship is just a kind of action, if you want to make a successful business, it is natural to require operators to pay more attention to the content. After all, entrepreneurship as a war, but also pay attention to tactics. Learn to imitate, attack and escape "is the three ways to success.


since entrepreneurs lack experience. So you might as well imitate. The so-called imitation, that is, regardless of the content of the goods, the size of the space, space design, the content of the space price, business location and other competitors to imitate.

imitation strategy is more practical, but the advantages and disadvantages of the use is also more obvious. Say advantages. Following the competitors to learn the successful model can reduce market risk, but also can reduce the time of exploration. We all know that the entrepreneur’s own lack of experience is very strong, some people say that the failure rate of entrepreneurial shop up to 90%. So to open a "new" a high degree of risk, lack of ability to control it.


can simulate the basic mode of competitors, it will avoid the risk is not a lot of initial stage. Say shortcomings. Chinese do business and the imitation is like a swarm of bees, inseparable. When you see a successful business, less than a year, there will be a number of new competitors in the market.

so, the mere imitation of fur can accumulate experience, but it is difficult to say whether there is a long-term development. But there is another problem, that is in a given market, latecomers will only be considered a "second" or "imitator". These latecomers if you can not determine their core competitiveness, it will not be able to fight or rob the first market and business, but also to enhance the competitors first and boss status.


shopping malls such as the battlefield, sometimes alone can not keep watch. If you see the opportunity, we must dare to move against each other. The use of attack strategies is to attack the enemy head-on. Since the positive, it is necessary to crack down on the enemy’s Achilles heel, emphasizing their advantages. This strategy is the most famous Wendy’s attack to McDonald’s "where’s the beef" strategy. Wendy couldn’t see the beef in his opponent’s hamburger. Only Wendy could see the beef and the beef. Win out immediately.

competitors in the market, then, how should you take the initiative? For example, there are 25 yuan many eat spicy Hot pot shop on the market at present, because of cost savings, with the Hot pot material quality is not very good, if you have high quality and low cost advantages, it can speak "20 yuan eat, absolutely not inferior Hot pot material etc..

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