Students need materials and procedures

for college students entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is the first thing to do is to let your company to register, make it legal. What materials do college students need? What are the processes? Let’s study together.

The entrepreneurship of college students

A, individual industrial and commercial households

1, material to be prepared:

(three) operator identity;

2, management process:

the applicant or the agent entrusted directly to the premises where the registration authority.


the applicants or their agents may by mail, fax, electronic data exchange and e-mail to the premises where the registration authority to submit the application. If the application is submitted by fax, electronic data interchange, e-mail, etc., the contact information and address of the applicant or his agent shall be provided. The applicant shall, within 5 days from the date of receiving the acceptance notice, submit the original application materials that are consistent with the fax, electronic data exchange and electronic mail.

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