Celebrity Chen Zemin and wealth have circle of the president

the United States KFC founder Colonel Sanders is a. He lost his father at the age of 5, dropped out of school at the age of 14 began to wander, at the age of 66 with a few hundred dollars in social welfare, drove a broken car, to the restaurant to sell his development of a fried chicken recipe, at the age of 88 was successful.

3 has followed his artillery expert’s father had the army life, traveled around the country. From the beginning, Chen Zemin use the spare time to work at the age, and the students went to the cinema, the theatre, picking up cigarette butts, waste money, support the "war"

1965, Chen Zemin graduated from medical school, volunteered to work in Sichuan. In the work also many inventions, but also was selected as the model of science and technology". In Sichuan ten years, Chen Zemin and his wife learned to do, Glutinous Rice Balls Mihua Tang and other characteristics of food to the local people. After returning to Zhengzhou, >

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