Break behind the limitations of the traffic mileage of Fujian Expressway doubled

in the process of economic development, the transportation infrastructure construction is not negligible, so it is very necessary for the construction of urban traffic. Fujian "eight Shan Tian water a" known as "Fujian more than difficult to say. Once upon a time, traffic congestion, information lag, has become one of the main factors restricting the economic and social development of Fujian. But in the past five years, Fujian traffic achieved a great leap forward, county expressway, city TRUMPF iron, "Fujian difficult" gradually transformed into "Fujian Road", also let Fujian become more and more prominent advantage.

in addition, the continuous improvement of the traffic environment, continue to release the multiplier effect for the rapid economic and social development of Fujian inject strong momentum. After years of construction, the backward traffic situation in Fujian has been completely changed, traffic environment continued to improve, laying a solid foundation for economic and social development. Party secretary quan –

to ensure the completion of five years of comprehensive investment in the province to complete the effective investment of $750 billion, the modern integrated transport efficiency to further improve. Governor Yu Weiguo

tells the story of 36 months, the 11 km bridge spanning from scratch

Binhai bridge, is Shen Ning Lian expressway line control project is located in Ningde, Jiaocheng Sanduao reclamation area, a total length of 11.1 km. Binhai bridge and Ningde racing together bridle to bridle Wenzhou Fuzhou railway bridge, will promote huansanduao region development.

"double Shen Ning Lian Expressway in Ningde is 25.6 kilometers, nearly half of them cross sea bridge. 36 months, the 11 km bridge spanning from scratch." Deputy general manager of Ningde Shen line Ning Lian Expressway Company Lin Zhiping said, in the Fujian province highway, the bridge is the longest and widest cross sea bridge.

Shen Ning Lian expressway line, north of Ningde Jiaocheng Zhangzhou Bay, via Jiaocheng feiluan, South Shen line Fuzhou section (opening), two-way 6 lane, will increase a fast channel between Ningde and Fuzhou. At present, Ning Lian Expressway in Ningde is opened to traffic conditions, is off, acceptance of work, is expected to 22 this month will be officially opened. By then, the new high-speed channel will share the pressure to achieve a more rapid Cronin, safe and smooth traffic.

initiatives provinces and cities to promote the construction and management of the highway mileage doubled


12th Five-Year" period, Fujian province expressway mileage from more than 2 thousand km to 5000 km leap, an average annual growth rate ranked second in the country construction.

at the end of last year, Jianou to Minhou section of Beijing Taiwan expressway, Ningde City, Gutian County, on the highway to Shaowu; luster, Yanping to Shunchang, Pu Expressway Putian section of high sacral arthritis

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