Doing business acquaintances must stay in mind

as the saying goes, a good friend. However, I believe a lot of people in life should have encountered this situation, that is, pseudo acquaintances, and then took the opportunity to borrow money to work. In particular, some businessmen, because they do not want to offend people, it is easy to be deceived by these people. Therefore, the business of acquaintances can really be more careful eye ah.

"Oh, what is this thing? The key in the home do not say, the money is not a point, so I can not buy even wine."

this is the last Monday, I met a customer in the store, almost did not make any bedding, the man came to the door with the author said. Also did not react over time, so that the person repeated two times before and after such words, I think of the person who asked to tell myself that the original intention of this.

I heard

in the inquiry, the man also said bluntly: because of their own home floor, thinking about the area where the trash out of the gate and walk a few steps to go, so just when garbage would not think, with a trash bag and went out. Do not want to just go out, a gust of wind had to close the door. Because of the lack of security, so that their money and door keys are locked at home. The only way to solve the problem is to go to their aunt’s house to get the keys. Because penniless, and aunt from this ten Station Road, only round-trip taxi fee will need 40 yuan of money. So I want to borrow 50 yuan here as to my aunt’s money.


to borrow money for not convinced that. But I also wanted to borrow money from the credit and general for acquaintances or very familiar with the customer, the person can be in front of not understanding not only seen; even have no impression, so how dare to borrow? Although the author thinks so, but in order to avoid misunderstanding, I also asked a sentence: "since you are looking for me to borrow money, then you can tell me who you are?"

Oh, I live next to the village, before you shop several times to 30 yuan a bottle of wine of the public square! In fact, if not the door was locked, I also intend to busy housework again to you here to buy wine. But now, because the only reason it. "This is the key to the answer.

alone in the author’s shop, bought a few wine, I would like to open the mouth to borrow money, and a loan is 50 yuan. More important is: it seems that people dress, nothing like import are taxi travel of people, I can not help but have doubts, but I then think: if that thing as people say? Isn’t that a little be beneath the human character?

despite the man repeatedly is too little, but for the two consideration, I finally decided to the people: only 8 yuan. Because in my opinion: that person does not

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