Want to start a cold drink shop to remember the management skills

cold drinks in the summer is a beautiful scenery line, in fact, in addition to summer, other seasons such delicious is also very popular, then open this store will be like? Who must pay attention to methods, for investors who want to start a cold drink shop is no exception, although there is no shortcut to entrepreneurship, but if investors in the entrepreneurial process to understand some of the techniques and methods of them, that will let you avoid detours, to a certain extent, reduce business risk. The following is about the operation of the cold drink shop small, I hope to help you.

start a cold drink shop

1, start a cold drink shop to choose the location of Entrepreneurship: Urban pomegranate lane, a cold drink shop master Hu told reporters, although people of different ages will come to the cold drink shop, but its main consumer or young people. Generally near the school (preferably a technical secondary school) or crowded places, is a good place to open such a shop. Jinhua people often visit the park in the summer, you can also open such shops. When the weather is hot, a good place to open this kind of Wujiang River is small. As long as the election of a good location, the summer cold drink shops do not have to worry about basic business." Master Hu said.

2, start to drink cold drink shop style: Jinhua’s most popular cool cake and other varieties of course essential, in addition, entrepreneurs can also according to the red bean (Lv Dou), peanut, hollow powder, coconut, watermelon, red dates, pineapple, quail egg, jelly, coconut milk and other ingredients, made all kinds of drinks. The price of ordinary fruit drinks is 1.5 yuan a cup, the price of ordinary drinks is $1 a cup. The current market wholesale Bottled Yellow Peach, coconut and other canned fruit, can make more kinds of drinks". Open cold store in the vicinity of urban four pailou Zhang told reporters that if the stores have a certain space, entrepreneurs can also provide services to attract summer barbecue, eat supper customers.

3, start a cold drink shop pay attention to health: consumers eat in the street store, the most afraid to eat unclean food, summer is so. One can bring consumers a good impression of the health of the cold drink shop, the business is often better. In order to give consumers the impression of health, freezer, tables and chairs and disposable utensils should be kept clean, plus the ignited mosquito repellent incense (electric mosquito can also drive the flies). "Of course, the clerk must pay attention to their own instruments, such as nails should not be too long, beard to be promptly shaved, clean and refreshing clothes." Master Hu said.

4, can occasionally eat some Kui: young people summer cold drinks, often to shop in knots, and generally fixed. If the operator can often use the way to eat a loss, you can keep a group of customers for a long time. Chidiankui ways: a group of people drank 10.5 yuan drinks, 10 yuan will receive their full money; 1 yuan a cup of ordinary drink, if consumers can give their love, plus some of the relatively high price of fruit grain consumption; if recommended

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