Breeding special wild boar can also earn hundreds of millions of wealth

is now concerned about food safety, people are keen to buy wild products, and wild pork is naturally in short supply. So the sister by feeding wild boar began his entrepreneurial career, but also the final success.

the one called Cang Erhui of Shanxi County of Wenshui province cove, a humble wild boar farms, however, it is the owner of a local famous billionaire actress, her name is Wang Hui, 38 years old this year.

built boar farm for two years, but Wang Hui has not come close to her every time and wild boar, have a lot of feeding her wild boar, and every time she will be catching up with a wild boar. Reporter: you are so afraid of it?"

1995 in May, Wang Hui will be encouraged to do the gates together to Beijing, with the metal fence and metal door business. Rely on a small hand to break through the capital, Wang Hui start difficult to imagine.

2001, China’s successful Olympic bid, Beijing outdoor fitness boom. Wang Hui turned quickly to seize the initiative, fitness equipment, orders continuously, then she became a millionaire.

2004, Wang Hui’s hometown occurred in a coal mine safety accident, she found a business opportunity from a bad thing, the immediate development of coal mine safety equipment, a year to complete the business of two hundred million yuan. By 2005, Wang Hui has 3 processing plants, total assets reached 500 million yuan, the former dagongmei became the billionaire actress worthy of the name.

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