Huidong County Rural Youth Entrepreneurship free training

under the tide of entrepreneurship, now there are more and more people are willing to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, however, many people have the idea of entrepreneurship, but nothing. Huidong County town of ancient Zhong Bao served as a director of the orange field. Not long ago, he resigned to a sweet potato, the annual income of up to 300 thousand yuan, and led the villagers to get rich. As ancient as faithful working outside of the youth to return home business, from the opening of the committee to carry out the innovation of rural youth entrepreneurship training work.

it is reported that the rural youth entrepreneurship training has been an important basic work of the City Commission, through innovation to carry out rural youth entrepreneurship training, led farmers to get rid of poverty. At present, in the province, city and county (District) agricultural sector support, provide training venues and facilities on the basis of the agricultural leading enterprises, set up the city and county (District) level two Committee for youth entrepreneurship training base 13, mainly for the training of young entrepreneurs and local farmers.


District of Huiyang Gu Feng professional training base has been established since 2009, free training members and farmers around 2500 people; on the basis of poverty alleviation training held on to the nearest employment way of poverty alleviation, let more than 60 poor farmers out of poverty as soon as possible. Up to now, the city has trained 7065 young people in rural entrepreneurship, driven by the income of the farmers to get rid of poverty, the practice of the Provincial Work Committee was highly affirmed and promoted in the province of.

teenagers are the future and hope of the motherland. This is the "13th Five-Year" start of the year, Huizhou City, concerned about the next generation committee will continue to carry out innovative work of caring for the next generation?

last year, the work of the city was awarded the national advanced collective

it is understood that the City Committee since its inception in 2000, always adhere to the "around the center, serving the overall situation", "the urgent needs, wants and needs of youth, as the Committee of the" philosophy, adhere to the "three initiatives", adhering to the "four oriented" work guide; adhere to the standardization and institutionalization, normalization of the next generation working and activities, has achieved remarkable results. In 2015, the city closed Committee was named national concern for the next generation of advanced collective work".

City Committee relevant responsible person said, the committee will continue to improve the system, promote standardization work; to build the city’s basic architecture, implementation of care service grid; LAN capable, team construction team; as the initiative activities to carry out normalization; adhere to innovation, self active diversity "Five", innovation to carry out the work of caring for the next generation.

in the organizational structure, the city committee through the introduction of a number of policies, will be concerned about the next generation of work into all levels of Party construction target responsibility assessment system; through to the city and county (District) in grass-roots team members linked to the point of contact, regular visits, timely help solve the difficulties and asked to recommend

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