Senior Taobao store told Taobao novice shop three elements of success

first, the picture to be beautiful, described carefully

so, the first point is Taobao pictures must be beautiful! This is the last word! Of course, let the picture become beautiful, in addition to photography, you must understand PS, if your computer is not   PS, then rushed to the next bar, you do not need the skilled operation of PS, at least you have to know how to put the amount of color. This is not to deceive buyers, the so-called people rely on clothes, the Buddha by gold, proper landscaping picture is a must.

buyers in through your pictures to understand your baby, but also through your description to a closer understanding of your baby. Don’t be lazy, edit baby, must be a detailed description of the baby’s picture.

Second, the baby should be complete, propaganda to do

the same piece of clothing, a few things in the store, a lot of things in the store, the store buyers will buy something more clothes. The business knows the truth. You really want to do Taobao, the store must be complete, and strive to enter some of the baby, filling the facade can also be. Scattered with a few pieces of clothing, naturally see fewer people buy less.

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