Dingzhou cultivate new agricultural subject broken three rural entrepreneurship

in the vast rural areas, now has become a business theme, at the same time, modern agriculture also needs more government policies in the process of the development of the support, recently, Dingzhou began to promote the development of Hebei rural innovative entrepreneurship.

production orders, sales difficult to crack

through active communication with the Beijing Department of agriculture in Dingzhou city has achieved the close cooperation, and Beijing agricultural product quality testing results of recognition and trust, Beijing city was identified as the first batch of "site linked" units, to further smooth the Dingzhou agricultural enterprises and agricultural production base of agricultural products into the Beijing market channels.

brand and standardization of organically, vigorously carry out pollution-free agricultural products certification and brand identity, create a number of competitive edge in the market of famous brand of agricultural products. At present, the city’s pollution-free agricultural products through the certification of 48 varieties, the production base of 11, cultivate agricultural brands of the 48.

8 July, Chinese Postal Savings Bank of Dingzhou branch held a family farm loan ceremony. The family farm loans mainly for agricultural production, purchase of new business entities engaged in agricultural machinery, irrigation and water conservancy, greenhouses and other infrastructure maintenance, pay rent and other agricultural production and business activities, has the characteristics of large amount, low interest rates, flexible way of security etc.. Up to now, the bank loans in Dingzhou, a total of 300 million yuan of funds to support agriculture. Recommended

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