Hundreds of snacks to join the introduction

the Chinese nation can be described as a magical and admirable race, just to say that the traditional Chinese food culture dishes characteristics, only you can not think of the Chinese people can not do without.

As the saying goes,

bear palm and palm of your cattle lick, lick nose and nasal Jane, nose with much gum, rich nutrition, for thousands of years has been known for lactation. Rare, rare is because bovine 100 bowls of cattle snacks joined the company’s products, ordinary people’s diet has been difficult to enter, and especially to boil, and have a very high demands on the technology and experience. Niu Bai is the crystallization of bovine and snack bowl featured authentic Hot and Sour Rice Noodles, top grade beef offal soup combined, the advantages and characteristics of bovine meat and take full advantage of the millennium old products, full of new opportunities, delicious, everyone loved, will enhance the image of Chongqing snacks to a new height!

Chongqing Hui Hui Food Research Institute for many years has been the development of this folk soup, and finally in 09 years to get a breakthrough in the industrialization of technology, to promote one of the unique delicious laid the foundation. Then, through the integration of resources widely, to obtain a stable source of key, the delicious finally has all the conditions to the market, people have great originality to poly Hui and Chongqing famous beef offal powder bovine combination, given the unique millennium old product nutrition and culture value, and make the product features cownose get excellent bloom according to Chongqing, beef offal powder and bovine will innovation a huge and wonderful market.

Niu Bai joined the company’s brand snack bowl project for the ice cream shop, tea coffee making cool cool coffee shop, with Western fast food, coffee with compound cool cattle 100 snack bowl. Shanghai Ka and cool Catering Management Co. Ltd., is located in the international financial center, Chinese promising area, Shanghai Pudong. Here is the Asian high TV Tower (467.9 meters) of the Oriental Pearl Tower, 492 meters high Chinese Second World Financial Center, the world commercial maglev train engineering and marine museum, the upcoming opening of the Disneyland, but also the future of the world financial center. Hunger breeds discontentment, and focusing on the development of Cool Company with catering business, do deep, bigger and stronger, our future goal – to become one of the China catering industry leading brands.

beef bowl snacks to join support

cattle in Chongqing snack bowl 100 Hot and Sour Rice Noodles as the representative of the "Sichuan" Hot and Sour Rice Noodles, then put in the stew soup will fly from bovine nose, material selection, production, food composition and changing tastes are series of improvement and innovation, not only inherits the essence of the characteristics and advantages of traditional Hot and Sour Rice Noodles, according to a healthy diet of modern consumption needs, this is the national market hot nose delicacy.

join support: beef bowl snacks brands to join, standardized operation and operation, to reduce the risk of joining the larger and capital

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