High speed driving need to pay attention to what skills

novice drivers have to drive a full year later, was allowed to be alone on the high speed, many owners do not agree, this idea is wrong. High on the driving speed, in addition to the normal driving the car, but also to improve safety awareness, the only way to deal with the high speed of various emergency situations, then, high-speed driving need to pay attention to what skills?

One of the tricks of

is to keep a uniform

had a highway toll station, should be first in the acceleration lane, observe the rear free car, behind the left lane without affecting the normal running of the vehicle under the condition that the party can make right turn signal to enter the lane road. Driving should be maintained at a constant speed, not speeding, not to be quick, slow, so not only for other vehicles, but also on the fuel economy of the vehicle has an impact. How do you drive on the highway? Driving on the highway, both hands to hold on the steering wheel, remember not to hold the steering wheel, one hand to do other things. Be absorbed in to keep running, eyes straight ahead, see on both sides with the corner of my eye. At the same time also need to listen to the ears of the vehicle is no different. Do not get too close to the car in the car, you can refer to the distance from the vehicle to maintain a reasonable distance. In general, if your speed is 100km/h, then the car distance should be 100m.

trick two: fixed as far as possible in a driving lane

in motion should not wear fork driving, not for a moment in the overtaking lane, while in the lane, not in the traffic lanes without warning, emergency deceleration and parking. On the highway, do not drive alongside trucks, buses and other vehicles, and do not have to travel long distances on the overtaking lane. How do you drive on the highway? You need to be clear in what place or road and road, must be prepared in advance to the next turn or from the other division in 500m, it will slow down onto the right lane and the deceleration lane, to avoid temporary sudden turn lanes, or is the crossing sudden emergency braking.

trick three: overtaking to do immediately, decisive

how do you drive on the highway? When you are sure you want to overtake, you should pay attention to the left side of the car to go beyond you, but also pay attention to the front of the overtaking lane on whether there is no obstacle to overtake you. When overtaking, attention is abnormal this may be caused by overtaking the left wheel, security association to you beyond the freight or passenger cars when it is best to use horn or light to remind the overtaken vehicle, and resolutely speed overtaking. In passing, we must pay attention to their vehicles, can not be forced to act. Beyond other vehicles, do not immediately return to the lane, should be away from the car be exceedinged 50~100m and then hit the lights back to the lane.


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