How much does it cost to open a tea shop

No matter what

you need to store, a variety of investment costs, we all know that a lot of entrepreneurs, rent and store store decoration is a large part of the cost of investment, in addition, store equipment is a big expense, so a lot of people ready to open a tea shop, want to know the tea shop to open it’s probably how many money?

with the equipment. This is also the product menu to purchase. Good quality equipment can make more quality products, but also improve the speed and efficiency. I am now the store will also be able to make more and better products because of equipment reasons. Met a lot of people asked to open a tea shop equipment to how much money? I said ten thousand to one hundred thousand, the other said: you do not understand. I can only say that I do not understand. Store equipment and stores to pick up the power of the water, especially the small shops on the street, to consider the coordination of the kitchen to find another. Equipment should be equipped with the basic synchronization and store decoration.

semi finished products and technology is the work of pre orchestrated. Mainly by the boss or the boss to hold control aides. If it is joined to do this step. I remember one of Taiwan’s tea brand. The union the consultations that the time specified owner must take a confidant or couple together is the truth.

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