What is the name of leveraging marketing Have to take too cow

recently, once again missed a message boarded the major media headlines layout — two news client today’s headlines and the giant Sohu, today’s headlines because of dissatisfaction with the Sohu claiming to be "Chinese first" and "customer first", with false propaganda by the Sohu sued, claims 100 thousand yuan.

today’s headlines that the Sohu in the long term in the client application, computer download page and promotional video "China first news client" and "users first news client" and "Chinese largest mobile media platform to promote their products and.

and its Sohu are engaged in profit-making business news client management, there is competition between the Sohu and the China, openly first "and" customer first "and" Chinese maximum "advertising words, not only enable consumers to Sohu’s products and services to produce misunderstanding, is still not properly raise their products and services at the same time, the objective is also to belittle the other products and services with industry operators.

so, in violation of advertising law Sohu, on their own and other unfair competition with the industry, as well as the damage to the legitimate rights and interests of other operators in the same industry as the grounds, the Sohu to court.

Here we will not discuss

two exactly who is right, we only discuss the marketing problems behind this.

it is clear that this is today’s headlines deliberately had a beautiful and public relations war and is carefully planned, can be called a classic case of leveraging marketing. Today’s headlines found a small "error" rival Sohu, and then use the error amplifier, the planning of the field with eye-catching events — the chiefs against (chiefs and chiefs, especially between science and technology media in the circle of the chiefs of the war, is always a fascinating subject, especially on the media).

today’s headlines well versed in, this type of news for the domestic media is extremely attractive, indeed, the event received nearly more than and 300 websites and traditional media, including many large websites reported the event in the home. Without spending a penny, get a free nearly 300 media reports, there are countless media and users of discussion, not only to win a lot of attention, but also indirectly enhance their image, it is leveraging the power of marketing.

estimates that every marketing people want to plan out the influential events, however, to plan out the influential marketing events, the capacity requirements are very high, it must have a certain talent, not everyone can do. Based on my experience, it is difficult to achieve this, but there are still some shortcuts and ways to make these ordinary people have the ability to plan events.

first, keep leveraging marketing consciousness, only in this way, you can have a high sensitivity, in order to capture the object or event you are leveraging; this is a necessary condition, if you didn’t have this awareness, then the machine.

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