Double eleven preganglionic phobia in the end what is worth buying

once a year "double eleven" again swept, each hand chop party stampede in, leading to another round of shopping wave. However, after the carnival is often a feather, non rational "shopping" and the merchant price "dark litres" scene often staged so that consumers, consumers and businesses the common benefit of the online shopping festival changed the taste, a lot of people suffering from a "double eleven" before the phobia ", how to select good quality goods

, what is worth buying?

as a consumer information decision-making platform what is worth buying, "double eleven" this year launched a new play "super value exclusive friends" theme activities, what is worth buying a selection of hot commodity, price and discount by consumers to vote, to ensure the whole network lowest price, or permission to eliminate hand chop party in various before the consumer concerns.

super value friends exclusive price, you say

the "double eleven" period, consumers choose between the major electricity supplier has launched the group purchase products, these products category may be out of order, from the merchant pricing, consumers decide whether to buy according to the electricity supplier pricing. Businesses through the "run" to remove the inventory, profit, buyers are only passive choice, "super value exclusive friends" came into being.

super value friends exclusive launch based on the needs of buyers, what is worth buying if weight loss community has a value of 1000 users, friends are because of weight loss and together, the medicine reducing weight, blood pressure and have certain requirements. So, what is worth buying can take these 1000 needs to negotiate with businesses, such as Tmall, a businessman blood pressure meter is $350 per unit, what is worth buying and he can talk about $200, the actual cost may be only $100. Through the "Super Friends value exclusive price to the value of friends of the group, businesses earned 100 yuan but puerile, friends of value obtained 150 yuan discount, can be described as a win-win.

what is worth buying between consumers and business platform, realize the screening of promotional category, and then filtered category showcase to consumers, and to discount pull, to fully value the friends none. This "double eleven", what is worth buying will make friends value pricing, selection of the most popular network of various types of goods, such as Sony Corp’s ILCE-6000L standard single lens set, Estee Lauder ANR instant repair and moisten eye essence, HTC brand Hondar electric Vive VR virtual reality suits and other commodities explosion models, are open by the value of friends to vote, get the votes of more goods, the lower the price.

carefully select the entire network of goods so that the price value

what is worth buying the "Super Friends value exclusive activities in time for the November 1st to 10, a day, a total of ten games, the commodity coverage of high, medium and low categories of the whole network business. In every commodity resource pool super value friends exclusive activities are different, there will be a focus in different categories, and will issue a notice on the category of the day before.

activity at 9 a.m.

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