Do more than half a year of school network code station process

half a month ago, chatting with a boss in the online selling tea, he told me that the school code station make good, my heart suddenly came to a school immediately, the Baidu code, just point to open several web page to see a few.. then said to him, how is it? He QQ display is a reply, suddenly found that the mystery is how wonderful

…2 hours

and he talked, I put a collection of prior to the school code station, but until now, the station before the information is not completely deleted. It is a gloomy, but Baidu also every day I received 1-3, but received little, every day IP is only 50, but the price is pretty high, as can be imagined if large flow station code will be much, I discovered the mystery…. unfortunately, I still don’t know the promotion. So my current school code network traffic is still very low, low to low flow, GG the actual income is.

This is my

station completely manual update, and add color and nice looking bold, is said to be in favor of SEO.. Do not know is true or false. Then start looking for the internal code webmaster circle and the group began to exchange connection… (indispensable Oh,), to find high school Xing webmaster code into the group, shouting: in connection, friendship connection slightly. But we would be so easy for you to hang? Soon appeared at once, do you have any PR /PR how much K / day, staring at the words, I immediately or word group, or.

since no one even, then I still try to put the traffic up, insist on Ctrlc+c change V, think about, soon after the flow will rise, PR will have, bread will be there!

(PS: Q site I, change the connection (Note: do not limit the PR (*^__^*) hee hee…… (Q: 317930458


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