Alibaba on the code Amoy a closed loop used to connect traditional industries


June 10th, Alibaba group released on the code Amoy open strategy, and launched the code Amoy platform. In this, the role of the code is particularly critical in the concept of Ali, it will become a core connection tool. Similar service connections with Tencent on its own social advantage, Ali accumulated over the years by aggregating massive commodity database, complete e-commerce eco system and cloud computing for large data capacity, to scan the code of this action becomes a ring cable products and online payment price. Although it is not easy to develop consumer habits, but if it is formed, its strong inertia is likely to bring a new closed loop Ali imagination.

Penguin Hello, Ali also do connection you made it?

both the provider and the social, it is need to gather more users to participate. With the gradual maturity of the mobile Internet, the user gradually improve the viscosity of the mobile terminal, the wireless terminal to obtain user costs are also increasing. Different from the usual crowd transformed online, Ali’s choice is deep line scene.

scan code is not a new thing, but it has the advantage of simple action, he can directly use a simple action to reach the commodity page, followed by a single parity or purchase. In the commodity code is widely used, in theory, all the physical goods can be displayed into the online parity or shopping entrance.

in accordance with Ali’s argument, not only in the sale of goods, parcels, newspapers, shops and so on can be used as the carrier of the code. Ali wants to do is to design a service platform for businesses that need these services to help businesses to complete the management of such a code Amoy platform.

and buy just one of the code steps through this mechanism and users may purchase after the relationship may be more valued by businesses, the future will also play with appearance of "building code of this infrastructure completed.

Tencent social networking to connect a variety of services, the use of scanning code to connect the user Ali, these are also very fun.

code stores and reduced with the SF hey Inn, rookie version of the battle of


in questioning, Ali inevitably asked the question at present very popular hey inn.

want to know what the concept of Ali has always been very large, before there is a rookie, there are now on the code amoy.

rookie of the year, said to change the national retail formats and national urbanization process, as well as financial innovation and integration of online and offline. Different from the traditional SF and other logistics rookie in the mode is to allow businesses to voluntarily pay through the warehouse distribution warehouse rental costs, is ultimately a concept platform. Over a period of time, the SF looks good, rookie remains to be seen how the living, so, compared with hey Inn and rookie same code to draw pie Amoy, and Porter before a little like ah. >

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