Marketing artifact WeChat is just the result of artificial touted

WeChat is now being copied is really too much fire, I this person is a tepid character WeChat up to now only landed less than 3 times, probably only about the use of function will not become an idiot. But recently, we have held several local WeChat marketing courses, our boss let me go to the lecture to listen to a total of 2 courses. One is the "WeChat" change the world the author said, the other is a bullfrog network president said, they will speak very reasonable but I still don’t know how to use WeChat to do marketing? So I consulted many giants in A5 is how to use WeChat to do marketing, finally thought to myself it will be like to share their results.

customer service

is the most typical example of China Merchants Bank and millet, and they mainly through activities and brand effects to attract WeChat audience and achieved good results. But they will eventually WeChat are positioned as customer service rather than marketing channels, WeChat can provide the enterprises remaining SMS fee information if your customer base is very large and that is not a small fee, there is WeChat can develop their own functions such as the words to reply.


typical case is Durex, the micro-blog before marketing is particularly striking role also emerge in WeChat. However, because of too much information personnel cost is too high to be forced to give up, the only operation [] [a small Doudou forum week ask collection] two columns. The two columns in the obvious second columns by the user’s recognition, it seems that the answer is more interactive way to meet the needs of users.

media type

media is currently in newspapers, magazines, portals for the mainstream, they will be the way to subscribe to the latest network consulting push to the user, the development of certain events online live is very important. I do not know since when, since the rise of the media quietly. From the blog to micro-blog and now to WeChat, from the media everywhere and this kind of WeChat slightly weak. On the one hand, because of the need to keep the user you need to constantly find new contents and topics and insights, on the other hand, unlike the media since the media has strong backing they need will be WeChat’s cash flow will be so in the contents of the insert advertising to affect the user experience.

WeChat marketing is still in the exploratory stage, and we often hear about who, who earned a lot of money with WeChat such topics. Why don’t we think of how many enterprises in WeChat, tens of thousands are for naught? WeChat marketing is not as simple as you think, now there’s so many WeChat training institutions and marketing team if it so badly, why don’t they operate their own projects? Why should serve you


enterprises to do WeChat marketing must be objective and calm, do not listen to those who say what the training institutions to miss WeChat missed an era. Micro-blog then the marketing of the final result is so powerful fans are brush, reprint are brush, comments are >

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