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1 Google will push the new Google glasses: those who wear glasses to add earplugs

sina science and technology news Beijing time on October 29th morning news, Google announced on Monday, the current version of the Glass Explorer Google glasses users will qualify for the new Google glasses.

new Google glasses will be suitable for those who wear glasses, in addition to a single channel will be added earplugs, and is likely to replace the current version of Google glasses of bone conduction speaker. However, only the sound of a single channel with Google glasses sound slightly disappointing, and listening to music through Google glasses is a very useful feature.

Google also announced that Glass Explorer users will be able to invite three friends to buy this product. Google has not yet disclosed whether the old plan will require any fees, but only the existing Glass Explorer users have the right to participate in the program. The only advice is given to the existing Google users often check e-mail. The program started in November.

2 online education, subversion is more than three


we have to admit that, in the spread of information and technology changes, our consumer attitudes will be affected and changed, and thus the demand change. The service provider will also use technology to lead change, through a variety of ways to affect consumers, the combination of the two results is a result of changes in the market and industry.

3.PPTV two head price financing past


more than half a year in the past, PPTV acquisition was transferred to the fans, can be described as gossip constantly. Alibaba, Hunan satellite TV, Sohu and a number of video related companies have become PPTV’s rumored boyfriend. But never thought, PPTV eventually married Suning this seemingly with the video of the eight pole could not beat the relationship between retail enterprises.

transaction Suning investment $250 million, accounting for 44% of the proportion of PPTV cohesion, becoming the largest shareholder, Suning is also the largest strategic investment. Su Ning, vice chairman of Sun Weimin said, the combination of the Internet retail and intelligent video industry will greatly accelerate the integration of the whole channel to accelerate the integration of Suning, the whole product management and customer service group cloud business model." At the end of August, Suning has released the "wings Internet roadmap", while PPTV cohesion and cooperation is the latest step in this roadmap landing. Fu Li: from personal webmaster to earn 300 million

this is a belated article, the reason is not hidden, there are more reasons. But in my heart, I still want to keep a record of those who have lost the Internet "veteran" story.

Fu Zhengjun stared out of the window, he breathed a sigh of relief: to be big, only the transformation, which is 9158 of life, but also the future of hope. >

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