Anchor burn inventory data fraud network broadcast four sins

CCTV financial news we see nowadays network broadcast platform, red anchor bursting with popularity of the whole industry chain network able to perform wonders, live, from top to bottom, is a fire scene.

data is difficult to control the problem of false broadcast platform

, however, with the in-depth investigation by the reporter, we also found that behind this lively flourishing, network broadcast industry, there are many "hidden fire".

correspondent Hou Kaidi: in this broadcast platform, I just registered a number of anchor, and WeChat in the circle of friends only delineated three friends came to watch my first live show. In the absence of any platform to promote and promote the case, and now we look at the figures on the screen, I came in to show that I have more than and 50 fans. So, these dozens of fans, in the end is where to come out of it?

in order to create popularity, attract users, the number of fictional viewers, send zombie fans in the network platform industry, is almost a common practice. Sometimes, this data fraud behavior, and even make a joke.

this is in September last year, a live broadcast of an electronic game, and the screen shows the number of online viewing, even more than 1 billion 300 million. And a variety of fraud in this industry, it is almost an open secret.

way of fraud: anchor to buy fans. On Taobao, anchor spend 10 dollars can buy 1000 fans, like how much you want to buy with you.

fraud two: Live platform gifts. Want to broadcast platform packaging promotion an anchor, will use the background data to anchor ", add a little more popular, thus caused to the user psychological suggestion, make it more willing to participate in interactive rewards and gifts.

fraud three: Live platform and network red brokerage companies to cooperate with each other.

, for example, the broadcast platform to spend 40 million to sign a net red, the money to the network red brokerage firm; net red brokerage company to take the next 40 million to live on the platform to buy red gift to play this network. In fact, both sides did not spend money, but the data are very beautiful.

China Electronic Commerce Association Network Marketing Center Director Ren: in order to obtain the support of capital, the number of your platform, it is very important. Because the final results such as large-scale broadcast platform, the final is a few can survive, this is the inevitable result of the Internet, is the year from the group purchase or to O2O or are in fact true, this is a stage of a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, so in order to get the favor of the capital to make up the data.

in addition to data fraud, the contents of the content of the direct broadcast platform, is also facing many problems. In April this year, 19 webcast platform included in the Ministry of culture to investigate the list. Subsequently, the Ministry of Culture issued a document specifically in the future will be randomly selected webcast, a performer

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