Application number or WeChat into the nternet operating system

recently, there are a lot of people who want to force into the O2O consulting me about App or service number choice. In recent years, WeChat open class Zhang Xiaolong seems to provide third solutions – WeChat application number. So what is this WeChat application number as an enterprise, the best choice for the development of online services and what is it?

service number vs App

let’s put aside is still foggy "application" aside, for now, the use of enterprise services for WeChat and APP or even, according to local conditions to choose.

service number main Competitiveness: low cost, short cycle, seamless update, promotion simple

1 compared to APP, the service number of development costs and development cycle is much lower.

because WeChat has a background service, the basic function can directly call directly, packaged as a pluggable interface design and development, enterprises need to make WeChat operations team for a few hours of self-study can be carried out service no.. In addition, the current market on the development of customized service chain has become increasingly mature, some of which have been listed on the scale. For some of WeChat’s background does not support the common features (such as sweepstakes, etc.), in the development of these services can be found on the company’s home page can be directly assembled call cheap, or even free H5 templates.

, in contrast, if the company intends to develop APP to achieve the same function, whether it is proprietary or outsourcing their development costs are hundreds of thousands of times, the time period from 2-3 months to six months.

2 at the same time, WeChat service number of the ultra short development cycle also brings an additional advantage that the service number can be seamlessly updated. Because the service number "programming" mostly through components "plug and play" mode of architecture, when operators want a function to modify the public number or add a service, can be directly "preview and release based on completely shut down the online service". As for the networking App update, even if only a slight adjustment, the operator must first turn off the server, upload a new version of the software, and then wait for the user to download. This need to bear the cost of time and the risk of loss of users is obviously higher than the number of service mode.

3 in addition to the cost and efficiency of the service itself, the service number is also one of the most important advantages, that is, WeChat platform to promote the service number and promotional advantages. For many companies, the expansion of business opportunities is always a pain point. The service number is built on social media, with excellent channel attributes and communication resources. The contents of the service number can be uploaded directly in the circle of friends for social communication, and the content is attracted to WeChat users can also directly through a key concern approach to become a service number of users. This kind of huge promotion advantage directly for many companies pain points, is the general App closed ecology can not match. In a network of social media, every user is a

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