The true value of so domain name

" so " real value: (a) the domain name

at the present stage, there are many minon approximate to crazy all registered company name, brand and related peripheral products, as long as there are many famous domain name and related products. This is just a blind madness, but this phenomenon in the future is bound to be "so". The best domain name has many businesses to recover, even more into law so that "".

China, the Chinese nation for thousands of years of culture broad and profound "so" is a classic statement, it is just the tip of the iceberg of the tip of the iceberg.

some companies spend lots of money to purchase their own domain name and peripheral products, that this group of shrewd profiteer aware of "so" is bound to occur in the future, when the time comes to spend at least now 10 times or even 100 times the price of money. Now the back is actually a "antique collection" industry in the name of a "jianlouer".

a rice farmer, a company’s.Com handheld meter call to ask whether there is a need to answer, "not", this minon lightning quickly hung up the phone, what left. In fact, my heart would have said: "rookie so don’t know how to wait for a


it is reported that in March 2006, the new "domain name dispute resolution procedures" formally implemented, Coca-Cola, Exxon, Montagut clothing, ZTE, Yuesai,, Leica, TOEFL and many other well-known enterprises get together to the arbitration, recover its own brand Chinese.Cn domain name, just a few days, the domain Name Dispute Resolution Center received new the domain name dispute case more than and 70, an increase of 600%. Facts show that, after the launch of IE7.0, how to make good use of this platform for the enterprise to build a network of real brand, has become a problem that every enterprise must think about.


, online" and "" is a large amount of money to buy the company inside jianlouer. Many companies ignore such meters innumerable, too; otherwise it will not appear "CCTV, CCTV" storm, "CCTV" repurchase insider is what who knows? Only God knows! The government also has the similar

!Business value and political value of "

China soul" are far more than the "CCTV" may be heavily recycling, such as "" or who know do one thing under cover of another?

?This is Mibibi

. "So" is actually "antique collection" circles "buy time difference

do not understand "so" in the art of war will be lost or hit! Some of history is the witness of


the future, the future, the future………………

gave some advice to growers: those who understand why people actually distance "entry" and "two miles".

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