do some experience of Q station practice

webmaster exchange group lectures QQ group 17770150  every night at 8:30 to invite grassroots elite speech website operators to promote profit experience

Speaker: Oliver brother (31341428)

Lecture Notes:

I do QQ station from a start, then do not know what is the domain name space, what is started, is the beginning of application on the platform of free space Shengbo supernetting, like 163 also apply, but did not do what was closed, do 1 in Bo that time is free space is mainly their own propaganda, also not much traffic, like 200 to 300, so are not eligible for advertising, really began to spend money to buy space to buy rice do station is in the last year, China for reciprocal space, m qq****.net is application at this time.       it is often 1 every day in the Internet cafe, because I do not know what program do stand, in the online search a lot of procedures are not satisfied with Lan Yu’s program, and finally began to receive a group to modify their own touch version, actually a lot of things is to modify the static. I am vegetables. From that time began to apply for advertising, because at that time the flow is small, it is the Taobao game day advertising popups, because Taobao did not do 100 to guide, so we have not received the money. Last game day Taobao guide also earn a few hundred dollars, but the game day ads do not attract people, like most are registered.
slowly I think about the development of traffic, I began to find 1 free brush member vulnerabilities, like Netcom vulnerabilities, I went to and, that would give me second days 2000 of the traffic, finally and I do connection, can bring more than and 100 daily traffic I stand, slowly know more people, baidu is a large collection of PR, from 0 to 3 the flow rate reached about 6000, this time I will apply for the iPlus advertising alliance of Taobao, 10 yuan 1 guidance, no cheating also has about 800 yuan a month. So the real money is from the beginning, but a few months Taobao guide, replaced by ah League clicks, there is no money. When the
PowerEasy also used very well and began collecting other people’s things, that time is also very happy, but at last found included Baidu from more than 37 thousand to more than 10 thousand to the last 500. I deleted the collection.

baidu also included, but I began to collect, I thought it was not a collection of problems, after a few days to delete all, was sealed.

now about 1000 of the traffic, mainly with their own input >

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