How to get high quality through the soft chain promotion website

chat with a friend for a few days, he asked me, saying that his industry is a bit upset, and then I asked him, what is the industry, he said, with a little gray, I said look, he said something about point to avoid being seen, such as graduation certificate inquiry, graduation certificate query sites like. He said he wanted to add some weight and the chain, ask me what good method?

to tell you the truth, for network promotion this aspect, I am a layman layman, see the A5 article last year more, so I try to write some soft, then thanks to the many sites reproduced, most are kept on my web site. Do to increase my site outside the chain have too much help, I had done almost Links, but PR from zero to 2, just 12 days (I had better luck, just remember that the end of the month GG update PR), I went up to 2, so I said to him, you might as well with soft Wen promotion in the form of


talking about soft Wen, I have little fear now. The day before yesterday to write an article, issued in the station, I have been called the dog head. Now I can only use such words to comfort themselves, not be scolded article is not a good article!

words to be


1 soft target

webmaster network is the first choice, the reason is very simple, from the activity, A5 to go beyond the station. Published articles on the A5, generally reproduced the amount is relatively high. This is a common goal.

figure Wang is a good man, as long as you put your heart, give you hair. For the early growth of the webmaster, is a great surprise. In addition to the place where there are Chinese station, outdated. The three grassroots gathered in most places, absolutely can not be ignored, in addition, this time I added many QQ group, a website recommended: a push, I heard in the group, as long as a push to send the article, then, can be embedded in the soft chain. This is the day when the gold. You can try it!

2 soft content

soft the general content of the topic to write, this is really more deadly, for such loopholes, it can make people at their best, because it is difficult for you to dig out the window! So I think a method, called a speech from other side and. For example, this article, with a similar analysis method to carry out a soft Wen, in fact, is helpless. As things that bother to this hard? So, in the soft, this method is also a thing. Interested parties can try it!

so what you can do, is to make your text organized as much as possible.

3 generation contribution

this idea, and I do not want to come out, and now each station has some special provisions. For example, behind the times, the average person is registered ordinary members, if you need some user permissions, you must have some

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