nventory 2010 online shopping that thing

with the "double egg" festival, 2010 is about to turn over a page, this is the online shopping memorable year, Dangdang Mcglaughlin, the successful listing of other B2C businesses to inspire the contention of a hundred schools of thought is more important is that the environment, the domestic online shopping more and more mature, online shopping has become a part of the young consumer. So together with the author, together with a review of 2010, inventory of those things that let us remember


: to users for the business group purchase group purchase selling point, only push a discount products every day, each person only one take, in line service, group purchase products, the domestic is not the mode of innovators, this model is to carry forward this year, once introduced, will show explosive growth. Recently the United States Groupon (domestic group purchase group purchase website is applied to imitate Groupon) refused to Google60 acquisition of billions of dollars, he dared to give Google high priced acquisition, also let the domestic group purchase more reverie, believe that in 2011, the market will be more extensive, more intense competition.

2, shopping search: new shopping search is not a development, domestic shopping search industry did not attract more attention, but Yiqifa shoppers (www.gouwuke.com) on the line, not small waves, with a large force Yiqifa alliance many of the support line only 1 years, visibility is big promotion. Online shopping habits are now accustomed to search before shopping, take a look at what is more suitable for their goods, which is cheaper. Currently only search function, can not be interested in the collection and comparison of goods, a little regret. I do not know whether there is a greater customer shopping in 2011.

: 3, promotion is always a magic weapon for marketing, if you look carefully, the B2C business promotional tricks, especially businesses and businesses tit for tat promotion, is the most affordable to users. The first two days of the Jingdong and Dangdang picture price war, particularly eye-catching, the author was inadvertently bought a book, is that the price is too attractive, not under the temptation of a single letter.

, 4, fanquan: business direct preferential rebate coupons sent less cash situation we all know. Back now through the search for goods, such as through the network to find Tesco to buy goods, you can get the highest 30# from Tesco net cash reward.

5: free gifts on activities, is the promotion methods of clothing store do love, Felipe Marceau some time ago to invite users to try free activities, attract a lot of users, and through the media exposure, achieve business promotional purposes.

6, Taobao: early we say that the online shopping, refers to shopping on Taobao, some people say that online shopping are cheated, mostly cheated on Taobao, hit a lot of people interested in online shopping. Taobao intends to change people’s impression of it this year, to strengthen measures to increase media advertising, changing the attitude of users.

7, spike: another business promotion means to participate in the spike >

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