How to do shop How to do shop can profit

first note: now the site is not good to do, why don’t you think about the webmaster open shop! Indirect industry more stable!

if you want to open an online shop, the following is my personal experience, non network collection, I spent N*N brain cells out of the.

one, which is suitable for open shop?

1 office civil servants, civil servants, working hours of eight hours a day, do not have too many tasks, more free time.

2 do not want to work for others, want to start their own business, break out of their own sky, a young man.

3 is willing to open up the Internet market, for their own products to expand the broader sales channels of manufacturers.

two, open shop before the preparation of

open shop, the goods is divided into two categories: one is the virtual product calls, cards and the like, this kind of product is not required freight direct network transactions; two is real, real is required by the actual freight express and logistics.

if you want to do a virtual class of products, then you have to consider what kind of virtual products, choose what to do after the product, and then to the corresponding products to understand. For example, you choose to do recharge, then you should have to understand the situation of prepaid recharge, fast charge or slow charge, which can recharge area number, how long can arrive, others are selling much money, do the network prospects, customers and how.

if you are the real thing, also want to understand their products, their products have what features, what products suitable for the crowd, this kind of product in the network hot selling products, after understanding, and then link express logistics company, with which the price concessions, to understand each of the company the coverage and the corresponding price etc..

three, shop operating a few tips

1 product image

It is very important for

product pictures, buyers in the online shopping, home to see is the picture, the picture should be clear, best can take pictures from different angles, which can fully reflect the entire product, which requires the seller to understand a little photography knowledge, take a good picture is to be under a lot of effort. Good picture, but also to find a stable picture space. Imagine a buyer to open the product you link, the picture is very vague, do not know what kind of a product, or open, is full of Red Cross, can not see the figure, and how to attract buyers, arouse their desire to buy.

2 product description

to write a description of each product refining, product features, and use the size of some buyers are concerned about the problem, to write, to bring their products with outstanding advantages, not good people why want to buy ah. Of course, not too exaggeration, otherwise buyers expectations of the product value is too high, will not receive.

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