Valentine’s day to do network marketing you ready

holiday marketing has become the most important part of many commercial marketing, many e-commerce sites have the holiday marketing and ordinary marketing is separated, planned and executed by a special department responsible for the marketing activities of the festival. In particular, the major festivals, many businesses are trying to strength and creativity and competitors distance.

China traditional Spring Festival, many people are busy with the spring festival marketing summary, another important festival in the Western Valentine’s day came. If you are slow in the spring festival marketing step, then Valentine’s day can be a good grasp of this time the money is easier to earn. On Valentine’s day, as the lover of related industries and gifts will fire and is out of stock, the key is that you do your activities to attract others more prominent eyes.

if you pay attention to the spring festival marketing is a bonus and festive words, then, Valentine’s Day is a creative marketing competition. First of all, most of the customers are young people, because in China, the festival is now the most important festival for many young people in a year. Secondly, the gift itself is greater than the value of the gift, so many people always want to give the other half is a surprise, highlight your choice of presents how creative mind, and therefore, Valentine’s day marketing innovation, rather than the gift itself. So, to peer or many businesses stand out, there must be creative enough, here we review several I think good marketing scheme, for the preparation of Valentine’s day marketing friends as a reference.

case 1: Green Mango travel network, hotel, free condoms Okamoto

China largest hotel booking platform green mango travel network on Valentine’s day Zoupian Jian Feng, in the peer Ctrip, eLong to launch a couple of real romance, housing, green mango travel network has chosen to do charity for Valentine’s day starting point, play the public card, together with a full set of intrinsically safe Gang in Shenzhen, Shanghai three, Hangzhou City Inn, Pod Inn launched large-scale public welfare activities for the gift of free condoms, through the public welfare activities on Valentine’s day, give more young people universal knowledge and AIDS prevention knowledge, at the same time with the public welfare activities, improve brand awareness and image, but also very relevant activities, I think this form is recommended.

case 2: diamond bird, live courtship ceremony

China’s largest online jewelry brand diamond bird imagination is more bold, in the country’s 12 experience store layout for young people to marry the scene. Just imagine, if on Valentine’s day, the other half took the women love diamonds you propose to you in a romantic scene, it will be a romantic thing, but in so many people to witness and blessing, for any woman, life is not lost. Bird bird and drill sent romantic light dinner and five star hotel one day is properly.

case 3: fun play network, DIY own happiness


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