From the perspective of hand giant negotiations on both sides of the table from startups up

editor’s note: January 7, 2017, co-founder of a social data provider revealed in a blog myself in the beginning how to get data and push the strategic cooperation in particular, that dealt with giant entrepreneurs to understand the article twists and turns, and learn to experience, such as investors role; what is more, twitter was responsible for the project executives in the blog after the placard made the same length of the comments from the giant’s share of the perspective of strategic cooperation on the other side of the story. Due to the length of the reasons, Jane law to help the next two articles published in the story of these two perspectives, the reader can read this article after the last two feedback 1+1=?

Jud Valeski is the co-founder of social data startups Gnip, he describes a partnership with Twitter twists and hard choices in this blog in January 7, 2017, which also specifically mentioned VC the role of investors, realistic representative. 04 2014 16, twitter announced that it has acquired the startup, of course, this is something that is a cooperation after the natural thing, the paper also mentioned, please continue to read the original author of the first person to share:

Saturday, January 7, 2017

original title: How did Gnip get down with Twitter cooperation?

this question I have been asked many times, so I hope that the answer can make many birds with one stone, I no longer need to answer the same question. Such problems are usually in the form of "Hey, give me thirty minutes to let me know what would you mind?", the result is usually email after I finish the final by the exchange and communication, the following information so that the blog article, I thought this problem to the current so far should be forgotten.


Gnip through the construction of our customers required functionality, and within three years of twitter effectively proved our reasonable scale of business results, so as to obtain the exclusive twitter open the original content (polymerization) promotion agreement.

then we have to prove to twitter, there are hundreds of thousands (or even tens of thousands of, depending on how you define the product) to business customers for twitter data public data pipeline (firehose) with full fidelity, but cannot be satisfied. Finally, when they face the internal adjustment of the center of gravity (the instructions: "all the energy must be spent on consumer oriented products, stop commercial licensing transactions", of course this is me on Twitter to adjust the interpretation, may not be entirely accurate) when they are faced with the choice of either giving up all the income of commercial use; or has proved its performance record company (high customer satisfaction rate, reliable, honest, easy to work and so on) cooperation, that is Gnip.

it is important that we have established customer base and business. But we didn’t sell them to me

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