Microsoft apple and other joint push open source Web technology website


Web platform (Web Platform) website


technology news Beijing time on October 9th morning news, in order to create for all open source Web technology "authoritative reference resources", Google, apple, Adobe, Facebook, Microsoft, HP, NOKIA, Mozilla and Opera and other 9 companies have joined the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), and will launch a "Web" (Web Platform) of the new website.

this new site will serve as a single source of information, released with HTML 5, CSS3 and other Web standards related to the latest and high-quality information, provide Web development proposals and related technical examples. According to W3C, the new site will also show specific technical standardization and cross platform browser specific research and development.

this site will be in the form of Wikipedia, so that members of the company’s staff representatives can add their own updates on the site’s contribution to the construction of their own. The project has received financial support, as well as a professional team to ensure that it is properly maintained (W3C will act as the site administrator).

users can interact in the Web platform Forum, or in the Web platform’s proprietary IRC channels to share their projects and coding know-how. All files uploaded to the Web platform are authorized in accordance with the knowledge sharing protocol (Creative Commons). Although the content of the Web platform was originally provided by members of the company, but the site will also encourage visitors to share code examples, tricks and other related information through Wikipedia.

as Adobe said: "now we must rely on the entire Web community to help create and maintain the most extensive and most authoritative Web resources. So, please visit the web site began to make their own contribution. Web technology will be recorded! "(SAIL)

              Google, apple and other 9 companies joined the W3C push Web standard

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