Famous single site 3DM webmaster stay Feifei 3DM has been sold to buyers or perfect world

at 8 pm on March 13th, the domestic well-known single site 3DM webmaster places Fifi published a micro-blog 3DM, was sold as the rumor was that. In addition, according to her previous micro-blog content, 3DM’s acquisition is likely to be the perfect world.


March 13th evening, host Fifi bursts of 2 micro-blog: micro-blog

"in a few days, 3DM will not be mine, and the new owner will not be able to continue to hire me. Do not know whether or not to find a job, perhaps to concentrate on playing micro-blog, a very funny than the public."

"is not off the station… What do make so sad. In fact, my ability in general, especially in the overall situation, the grasp is usually not accurate, so always difficult to move forward in the face of adversity, just do early, good luck, it is difficult to bring a substantial increase in 3DM. It might be a good thing to have someone stronger than me to host 3DM. Leave me, I do things is also very good, people still need to find a suitable occupation orientation, not overexert."

later, stone CEO Wu Gang and host Fifi interact, said: "if you scold me".

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