The force of the global network security NSFocus with Google on an equal footing

recently, some media broke the news, Chinese network security vendor "NSFocus" has been with the internationally renowned security agencies StopBadware and Sunbelt cooperation, following the Google Software, became the third company to provide technical and data support the supplier for the agency.

reporter observed that this event has been a hot topic in the printing industry. Rational users believe that foreign manufacturers can choose China data provider, is the recognition of the strength; there are radical friends half jokingly said: "the Green League mighty, and Google has been on an equal footing!".

insiders said this, after the green alliance with Microsoft and other multinational companies have had cooperation, its open spirit of cooperation beyond doubt, so this is not surprising cooperation with StopBadware. The green alliance technology as a network security vendors, and Google focus on the field is essentially different, compared with the less appropriate. But to be sure, but this kind of cooperation is conducive to international security vendors to understand the Chinese complex network environment, the use of Internet users to optimize the environment, and to build a global network security environment has positive significance.

resource sharing to improve the survival status of Internet users

as the world’s largest number of Internet users in the country, China’s importance to the global network of ecological environment is self-evident, the rapid development of the Internet so that the world has seen the strength of china. However, China’s network security situation is increasingly grim facts can not be avoided.

According to

CNNIC and CNCERT jointly issued the "network information security report" shows that the year 2009, 52% of the netizens said Chinese experienced network security incidents, more 21.2% of the netizens said suffered direct economic losses, according to statistics, the direct economic loss of Chinese by netizens in network security caused, from 7 billion 600 million 08 yuan year surged to 15 billion 300 million yuan.

a string of startling figures, that the network environment Chinese users still threats to Internet Security and trust problem has become one of the biggest factors restricting Chinese Internet development, purify and protect the network security, urgent.

Director of the Information Office of the State Council Wang Chen

had pointed out that the "mutual cooperation and close coordination to maintain network security needs of countries all over the world, and actively expand the channels of international cooperation network security cooperation mechanism, establish a multi-level, multi-channel, gradually formed countries to participate in the popular network security pattern and benefit."

it is understood that the cooperation between the Green Alliance Technology and StopBadware is based on its reputation service system. Reputation service is the threat analysis and credit rating for the different dimensions of information and Internet related resources, and the IP address, domain name and URL, etc.. At the same time, bring together the threat of feedback from authorized customers and third party partners, security incidents of their own security products and security research group

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