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talk about the hair AD paste and write some personal views of soft

we all know that the initial site is the most difficult personal website, to enrich the content of the site, to build the site chain, etc.. Today we are talking about how to build the initial site of the chain. To my website network as an example: Loan defection website is launched in November 24th, in order to achieve the purpose of being included in the search engine, I made a few AD on other sites, 11.26 are now included in Google, Baidu also included the start, so, the chain construction site is very necessary.

website to improve traffic promotion is the core and user communication is the key

site in order to improve the flow, enhance the stickiness of the website what is most needed, promotion is the core, no matter what kind of Web site do need to promote good intentions. It is important of course SEO and user experience, the content of the website and the page layout is also very important, but the key is to give the website a clear content and user location, and provide users with valuable service can be accepted by users, long-term retain customers. In order to effectively combine a variety of ways to promote the website traffic and user stickiness. Rely on search engines to attract traffic, the effect will not go too far. Just a moment of speculation to do the short-term traffic earned a little money can not be long. Adsense nets satisfied think should be more stationmaster and website users to communicate, communicate and understand the needs of users of the website user experience and views, continuous improvement, improve the old mining services, new services, the only way to attract traffic Everfount retain users.

search engine keyword adjustment and improve the amount of access to the two strategies

Hello, I am talking to you today about the VIP network, a "search engine keyword adjustment and the two strategy" visited many friends in the website publicity time often go to old route, but the effect is not obvious, why not obvious? Because you follow people go after, and from the phone Enyuan, but if the old routine with malicious words is another way of saying, but in this I am not advocating that, may two my method is not the best, but absolutely can give you some websites to improve traffic, or you will get more experience.

for the novice webmaster to explain in detail the original, pseudo original, reproduced, the acquisition of these four words

is your reprint in someone else’s website to see a good article, want to copy and paste this article on its website, plus one or two comments, finally with a certain website reproduced in these words, this is called reprint. Sometimes, some professional information, few online, we also do not know, neither the original nor pseudo original, so, some professional knowledge we have to reprint of others, reprint time should also note that you must reprint web clients need information.

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