Why can not make a small site the way out of small sites


      why? This is related to the traditional economy.

      to examine, from a business point of Internet enterprise, and the traditional essence is the same: Generally speaking, corporate profits only two roads, one from the person money, sell its products or services; the other one is from the enterprise money, services to enterprises to sell products or services as a part of.

      for example, Tencent’s virtual life is from personal gain, Baidu is through the competitive ranking to the enterprise charges. Therefore, the commercial Internet, nothing more than to provide products, or as a tool.

      however, in addition to online games, web software (including search engines), the vast majority of Web sites can only serve as a tool – although they do not want to just so. Since it is a tool, it means that such a site is a packaged blue collar, that is, to the traditional enterprise (including product sites) to provide the media, alliances (promotion) and other labor services".

      since small sites are blue collar, naturally, there will be unemployment. In particular, 2005 Web2.0, 2007 as the "golden pig" call, spawned an unprecedented scale "babyhood Internet community China".

      then, monk chanting, little pot, even far more than incense for the Buddha, even if the site sales, BD, Bianzhuohuayang with the enterprise, also of no avail. Just like the blue collar unemployment, small sites CEO, investors lost the same heart.

      in addition, the traditional enterprise, not only can do the product, also can make the tool, needs "blue collar" the contribution to be less and less. Unfortunately, there are people to package blue collar do blue collar – a lot of small sites PR company is very depressed, how money is getting harder and harder!

      I said here a small site, does not mean that the size of the identity, and perhaps should also include Sina, including NetEase, as long as it is increasingly weakening the role of tools, which are weak precursor.

      although, the people of the Internet’s potential, as a business and the potential of courage, but only the Tools >.

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