The browser has beta exposure Jinshan software vendors have launched a browser software channel in October 4th today the competition of the browser with the white hot to describe seems to have is not appropriate, many software vendors are keen for the degree of browser than any time, have to launch its own web browser. The majority of users access to the Internet web browser as a window, "the military has become a hotly contested spot". The day before, the Internet suddenly exposed Kingsoft browser also has entered the online news, and released the exposure screenshot authenticity greatly.

according to Jinshan insiders, Jinshan is developing a dual core browser based on Webkit and IE kernel, and will be officially launched at the end of 2010. It is reported that currently Kingsoft browser still in beta stage, from the interface point of view and IE9, simple Firefox4 new generation browser is very similar, more about Kingsoft browser news interested users can continue to look forward to. –

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