HUAWE founder Ren Zhengfei six American impression makes me sad

sales of $3 billion 500 million three years ago in the United States well-known Wang computer company, why announced bankruptcy protection now? Japan MITSUBISHI such a powerful group, why would exit the computer? With this question, I went to visit the United states. The plane flies across the Pacific Ocean and the continental United States via Tokyo to the Atlantic on the other side of Boston. A country I was sick, vomiting at the airport in Hongkong, plus more than and 20 consecutive hours of jet lag, has been tossing into the central city of Dallas.


During the

investigation, there are six American impression made me feel sour.

environmental protection

Boston is a beautiful city, and is the source of the civil war, and then Europeans developed America window. The old houses were neatly packed, and the exterior was painted with plain paint. The beauty of the city lies in the small patches of forest in the city. The street is full of green grass, the grass with broad leaved tree. The maple, oak, winter leaves are light off. It is autumn leaves, red, green, yellow, green, brown, dark red…… In the light of the sun, transparent, picturesque. Falling leaves, covered with green grass, like a colorful carpet. The natural scenery is also covered by the Fragrant Hills of Beijing.

the people of the United States for hundreds of years, the protection of the environment, amazing. In the trees on the side of New York street, little squirrels came running. In front of a number of hotels, in the evening, hundreds of thousands of birds fell on each tree.


of our homeland and the United States are roughly equal, but Tibet and Xinjiang accounted for a large part of the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau mountains and occupies a portion of the remaining, less than half of the land was filled with 1 billion 200 million people. The lack of educational funds, low cultural quality, breeding population blind, even the headland is hollowed out, and how the forest and grassland


Dallas is a city in central Texas. Dezhou was originally a prairie, originally relatively poor, because of the discovery of oil and suddenly become the rich state of the United states. Dezhou, like China’s Inner Mongolia, and from the oil caused the development of science and technology. China Daqing high tech Development Zone, science and technology personnel have been established from the sea, the oil industry, a few years later, when the Daqing oil depletion, Chinese will be a Dezhou science and technology zone. Any leader, vision should be longer.

Las Vegas city is a vast sea of sand, especially at night, is perhaps the most beautiful city in the United states. The whole city in addition to the hotel, the International Conference Center, there is no building, the hotel lobby is the casino, therefore, with a capacity of nearly one million people. Kaiser like building a house is so beautiful, be struck dumb, magnificent. In the hotel lobby, there is a tropical rain forest.


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