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should be in the summer of 1998, is now the Three Gorges Museum site computer reported 8 storey office on the top floor, a Friday, because it was no temporary leave early version, I will, in the elevator with a 30 year old, wearing a dark t-shirt collar Park young man asked me if the computer at on which floor; he is not tall, slightly curly hair, a round face, big eyes, did not speak on the laugh three, he opened his mouth, said the Mandarin, I had to work in Chongqing less than a year, has not yet learned to Chongqing words, therefore, very friendly, I volunteered to lead him. The 8 floor, watched him go after leaving.

less than half an hour, then computer newspaper editorial director Li Hesheng phoned me, said the famous super Du over, let me have a meal together, the exchange of learning. I arrived at the dinner place, then in addition to Liao Dan and I (YY), the presence of all when the newspaper cadres, the scene is very grand, the main seat is what I have seen in the elevator of the stranger — Du Hongchao. When you introduce, we NPC and CPPCC heart smile, said: we have just seen by common consent. The meal to eat what the impression is not deep, the deepest impression is that everyone is very familiar and his newspaper called him Lao Du, to various means to persuade the old Du drink, old Du is also very powerful, almost no maneuvers around, what to drink.

I’m not married

then also live in the newspaper beside the dormitory, so by the newspaper for the old Du do accompany eat accompany drink to play. The second day at noon and Du Hongchao in our office next to a small roadside restaurant for dinner with me, the meal is very cheap, less than 50 of appearance, according to my salary level, can afford to pay; the time, I was the old Du and who pay dispute my logic is, the old Du from afar, when I pay; and the old Du told me he is famous on syllogism: first, see who who seek, such as media and manufacturers eat together, manufacturers pay, such as sales and customers together, to pay second sales; if there is no interest. But the classmates like, then see who money who pay third; if so, who don’t think, old age who pay. According to Lao Du’s syllogism, how is he pay. In the old Du Grand syllogism, active and enthusiastic my succumbed to the power of logic.

old Du is the people of Henan, Henan noodles or noodles, therefore, every time who went to Henan, the old Du eat noodles. Old Du has a famous series: noodles past, writing is between him and some of the industry leader in the past, very interesting. However, not everyone love to eat noodles, such as CEO. Dr. Li Zhigao, he is Hubei, Hubei is a land of plenty, used to eat rice, do not love to eat noodles. Once Li Zhigao went to Henan, the old Du noodles, we come back down, CHIGO slobber, let us leave the old Du how can such a feeling. Later, I know, no matter who, to the old Du Du Henan noodles, if he asked you to eat some noodles other than that day, then he did not treat you as a friend.

I and Lao Du almost become colleagues, Liu Ren do >

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