Skyline community three new board listed for two years the total loss of over 70 million

skyline community three new board listed for two years the total loss of over 70 million

[TechWeb] August 1st news reports, Tianya July 31st evening announced the final public transfer instructions, which means that there is no accident, this once in Chinese all-powerful Internet BBS community will soon officially landed three new board.

Tianya main network platform for the end of the community and the Hainan online, Tianya passenger travel network, as well as mobile terminal micro theory and the daily news. 2014, Tianya community operating income of 104 million yuan, a loss of $44 million 658 thousand. Prior to the year, the end of the revenue of 107 million yuan, a loss of $31 million 613 thousand and 300. Two years together, a total loss of 76 million 270 thousand yuan Tianya community.

in the latest prospectus, Tianya community revealed that in order to solve the company’s short-term liquidity needs. The company will be held on July 9, 2015 and on the board of directors and the general meeting of shareholders, decided to 13.33 yuan / share price to a specific object placement of additional shares of $3 million, to raise $39 million 990 thousand in.

skyline had two attempts to market, Google in 2005 to subscribe for the price of $1 per share of the horizon of the shares, accounting for the total share capital of the world’s total of 6.67% of the shares of the end of the year by the end of the year, the total number of shares of the world’s total share capital of 1 million. 2009 skyline gem program failed to achieve, in 2010, the end of the world community through repurchase action to dismantle the VIE architecture, and to abandon the plan of overseas listing.

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