f there is no Google what can we search

last week about Google will exit Chinese news make Google said "raise a Babel of criticism of, because the cause of Internet censorship" is considering leaving Chinese, but it also caused a violent reaction to domestic users. The latest news, said a few days ago threatened to withdraw from China’s Google, last weekend issued some subtle position, Google has denied media reports of the closure of Google’s Chinese website and office news. Google employees in China are still ready to work in China in the future.

current services can be used

Google exit news from its official blog. But then more surprisingly, Google said their servers suffered attacks, which may be one of the reasons they accelerate exit. However, from the news that Google may withdraw from China has been exposed so far, Google has not yet officially released the statement, Google China, including search services, including the normal use.

Internet users hot exit reasons


China may withdraw from the news triggered a netizen violent reaction, a part of Google fans launched various activities to retain Google and protest, and the other part of netizens questioned Google made real motives exit.

LAN users said Google exit may fall out, and in the China market performance, since it entered China, its market share has been lagging behind Baidu. Therefore, to borrow the words of friends, is not Google chose to leave China, the Chinese market abandoned Google".

even radical netizens believe that Google’s exit statement is essentially a hype.

Google dramatic change attitude

according to the January 18th issue of "Global Times" reported that Google exit Chinese storm over the weekend a dramatic turn, senior officers of the company said: do not rule out to stay in China, but so far the company does not have any withdrawal. Some observers say Google attitude callback, may be seen the impulsive behavior in Chinese netizens aroused resentment over the sympathy, and realize that it is the challenge China government gambling failed, so it began to change.

however, according to the inspection report of Analysys International Search Market in the fourth quarter of 2009, Baidu’s market share fell to 58.4%, Google Chinese rose to 35.6%. Therefore, Google does not have any reason to give up China’s huge, and has great potential in the market, and Google’s performance in the Chinese market is on the rise.

users can pre backup G M AIL mail

Haitian technology director Lin Yizhong said, obviously Google’s exit would become a rival good. It can be said that the China before the search market is mainly composed of Google and Baidu, and Google once the exit will certainly exacerbate the monopoly of Baidu, and this is both for the industry or users are very unfavorable.


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