Kun Peng Theory why Ali Baidu Tencent are so optimistic about it Who can resist trillion meal

recently the word "consumer finance" is often mentioned, BAT are in tight layout, the high position of the company’s business layout, many people may not understand what is the consumer finance, so today and you talk about Kun Peng on this topic.


a, what is consumer finance

consumer finance is a financial service to consumers. Speak more plainly, is to lend money to the user cost. We usually use credit cards, in fact, is the most typical consumer financial products. However, do credit card personal credit requirements are quite high, for example, you have at least a fixed job, a stable income. In fact, many people have been shut down. For example, some free occupation, earn a lot, but because there is no fixed office in the company, will not be able to apply for a credit card, such as farmers, but the China largest populations, they also have consumption ability and willingness, but banks still do not give them credit card. So Consumer Finance Companies came into being, for those who have been shut out of the bank to provide loans, which is an important piece of consumer finance.

that as a consumer, is not how much money you want to borrow it? I borrowed 3 million to buy a house or borrow stock can be it?

obviously not, not only to buy a house, stocks can not, do not buy a car. Buy a house, buy a car with a special mortgage and car loans, are not within the scope of consumer loans.

as its name implies, consumer loans borrowed money, is used to spend in peacetime life, so consumer finance loans mainly include several aspects:

personal consumer durables loans

housing renovation loans

marriage travel loan

children’s education loans

furniture home appliance loan

beauty loan

of course, different Consumer Finance Companies will have a number of different products, but also around the consumption of. Because the consumer finance is unsecured unsecured loans, so through the consumer finance amount is not much, according to the January 1, 2014 implementation of the "Consumer Finance Companies pilot management approach", the Consumer Finance Companies issued consumer finance loans to individuals the amount shall not exceed 5 times the borrower’s monthly income.

two, consumer finance market has much


for most of the 50 and 60 people, not to borrow money to spend is a very reliable thing, those who have experienced the suffering of life, there is a sincere love for money, for deposit interest rates than low inflation does not seem to be many times, they care about, or even care, still think we should take the money in the bank.

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