cc market to mature T short domain name trading now signs 100 thousand

May 27th news: it is reported that the recent platform to $15000 in foreign countries, about $100 thousand of the price of the transaction, the current domain name temporarily accessible.


queries about, registered in 2004, has now been renew until 2014, domain name holder CPX Media AG and other mainstream suffixes have been registered.

IT in English to refer to the third person singular, translated as "it", but also on behalf of the Italy international domain name, IT is regarded as the information industry, the possibility of the domain name used in the information industry, known as the IT industry, simple and easy to remember domain name, the domain name is a good industry.

".CC" has been synonymous with "China Company" (Chinese company) or "Commercial Company" (commercial) in the international context. Currently, the domain name trading market, the temporary share of.Cc compared to.Com,.Net and other global international top-level domain still has a certain gap, the case is not high priced transactions, yet to be further mature.

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