The interpretation of China why SNS missed opportunity sometimes sometimes aggressive conservative

Renren and Kaixin network recently came out of the news will be announced during the year, but these capital level action has not been interpreted as good news to the industry. Because there are a lot of people think, and happy net has become a domestic Internet platform with chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival, further centralized and consolidated, and a new round of capital market bubble coming to and happy net have much time and space, if not as soon as possible "shot" may no longer chance.

looking back over the past 5 years, this wave of domestic SNS boom, in fact, there are too many issues worth reflection. Put aside the issues listed, as it relates to the capital market, a great relationship with the large number of VC, PE and IB, but also to talk about changes in the industrial environment, because there is a logical development of the Internet, but also the external, single product and team internal point of view, over the past 5 years, the wave of SNS boom, originally there is some chance to let the happy net, and other social products do more, but they did not grasp the founding team.

This wave of

emerged in the United States the concept of social hot start-ups, in their founders or anxious or conservative mistakes will become somewhat cop-out. Perhaps the favorable opportunity of them one or two will be in 2011 can make use of the capital market, seeking early listing or by an acquisition to find a way out, but it is only inevitable choice to reduce the expected and the only way to compromise and capital. Although people often say that history is history, not "if", but the reflection of history, analysis of social networking sites are eager to find the reasons behind the road, let us see more clearly the basic rules of the Internet industry, perhaps this is a reflection of little value.

aggressive and conservative

lost opportunitiesCompared with the

and the capital market steadily rising Chinese network shares, and Kaixin user activity has been significantly better than the company that has listed and crazy circle of users. From the two sites Alexa traffic situation, Renren and Kaixin PV value in the past 1 years have declined, happy network fell more, in the user battle should be said to be in a weak position.

users face slowing growth rate and activity situation of weak,, happy net has been speeding up the establishment of a data marketing, e-commerce and other business income is directly related to the pace of business; while accelerating revenue from advertising, games and other services, and actively preparing for listing, in investment banking than the pace of intervention happy a little earlier. From disclosed revenue figures, the two sites in the past 1 years has increased the income of the parent company, 1000 rubber group last year the third quarter advertising revenue of billions of dollars, most of the contribution; happy net also revealed that there are about 10000000 monthly advertising revenue over the past 1 years, the total income of 200 million to 300 million yuan in may.

but the commercialization efforts can not make up for the slowdown in the growth of the value of the user and the inherent problems. To Renren, not only from the United States model Facebook there is a big gap, distance >

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